Our Process

Our Design & Build Process

So, you made up your mind to remodel your home. Or maybe you want to gain an understanding of what lies ahead. Great, so how does the process work? The following outline can help you understand our simple process from the initial design elements to completed project.

1. Home Owner Preparation:

Once you have decided to remodel your home, we recommend you do some preliminary planning for your project before meeting with anyone:

  • Create a list of ‘must haves” for your remodeling project.
  • Create a “wish list” of items that you might want to see in your project if budget allows.
  • Establish a budget range for each project.
  • Determine when would you be ready to start your project.
  • Create a ‘scrap book” of design ideas for your project.

2. Consulting Meeting:

  • AHRR will set up a time with you to meet at your home.
  • We will do a walk through your home while discussing your project.
  • We will discuss design solutions and discuss your budget range.
  • We will discuss the next steps in the process.

3. Follow Up Meeting:

  • We will schedule a second consultation to discuss design.
  • Field measure critical areas and take photos of necessary areas.
  • Develop budget proposal guidelines

4. Cost Proposal:

  • Using the information from the design meetings, field measurements and photographs we will build the budget cost proposal
  • Estimated turn around time for the proposal is approximately two weeks. Times may vary slightly depending on the complexity of the project.
  • Schedule a meeting to present the proposal to you or if preferred we will email.
  • With your approval of the proposal, we will draft the contract based off the scope of work as outlined in the proposal.

5. Construction:

  • We start by obtaining any and all necessary permits and approvals, if project requires permitting or design approvals from architectural boards (H.O.A.’s).
  • We are unique in the sense that we self-perform most parts of the project with the exception of the trades requiring separate licensure. In other words, you will see the same workers throughout the project’s entirety of the project.
  • We believe in constant and open lines of communication between our principles and our clients throughout the construction process. If at any time, you have a question and/or concern you will be able to reach us very easily to have your questions answered promptly.

6. Project Closeout:

  • With the punch list completed, we will meet with you at your home to discuss your remodeling experience. We will explore the positives and negatives. By doing this we can continue to better serve our clients.
  • At this meeting we will also discuss maintenance items and explain the function of certain products and go over your warranty.

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