4 best Jacksonville kitchen remodel trends

Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. It’s impacted by design trends and it’s a room that prioritizes the need for functionality and making the most of the space. Here are the best kitchen trends we’re seeing from our clients.

Eye-catching countertops

Quartz countertops are durable and offer a wider range of colors than marble or granite and don’t chip or crack as easily. 

As a non-porous material, quartz countertops are better are resisting stains and don’t harbor bacteria. You can always be sure your quartz countertops are clean while staying stylish.

Smarter kitchens

Smart home technology is only growing better as time progresses, and smart kitchen technology is definitely on the rise.

Smart appliances in kitchens like voice-activated stoves, notifications for maintenance, and remote start for dishwashers all add functionality and luxury to your home.

Liven up with some color

While white was popular for several years and offers a clean “feel”, color is back for kitchen renovations and designs. Invest in rich blues or greens, or if that’s too bold for your taste, keep the colors neutral and relaxing. 

Don’t just stop at color for your walls and backsplash, consider your countertops and appliances. Many stoves and stove hoods come in a variety of colors.

Continue your wood flooring into the kitchen

Some Jacksonville and Florida homeowners stop their wood flooring in the kitchen in favor of tile. However, wood flooring in the kitchen is renewable, sustainable, and durable. 

Hardwood in the kitchen is a great way to refresh by helping the rest of your house seem bigger since you’re no longer cutting off the flooring and the entrance to the kitchen. It’s also a great return on investment. Tile can be personal to each homeowner and can impact the future sale of your home. Hardwood flooring in your kitchen can fit the needs and aesthetics of all potential homebuyers.

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