Do’s and don’ts for remodeling your Jacksonville bathroom

Your bathroom is your self-care haven. Whether your version of self-care includes a long bubble bath, a face mask and a shave, or a scalding shower, your bathroom is reserved for alone time. Why not transform your bathroom space into a relaxing oasis for you to forget all of your problems?

Now that you’re ready to create the bathroom of your dreams, let’s talk about some do’s and don’ts you should follow:

Do make sure you have proper lighting and ventilation

You can’t avoid moisture in the bathroom, but an excessive amount of trapped moisture can breed mildew and mold. Ventilation in bathrooms is required by building code: The minimum capacity of an exhaust fan must be 50 cubic feet per minute (cfm) intermittent, or 20 cfm continuous. 

Proper ventilation pulls moisture out of the air and prevents it from condensing on the walls and in your ceiling. If you think proper ventilation is too much work and money, it’s nothing compared to the repair costs of cleaning up and repairing the damage mildew and mold cause.

As for lighting, proper illumination is essential for all bathrooms. A ceiling light may seem like the right choice, but it can cast shadows on your face when trying to use the vanity. Vertical sconces on either side of the vanity are a better option. You also want to make sure your toilet and shower areas have their own lighting solutions.

Don’t overcrowd your bathroom

Unless you plan on knocking down a couple of walls, your bathroom only has so much usable square footage. Don’t cram in every little design feature. You need to carefully plan how to make the most of your space. This is why hiring a professional remodeling contractor is important. This is their profession and they’re experts in coming up with creative storage solutions.

Do splurge on the shower

A large fancy tub may seem like the logical thing to splurge on for your bathroom. But how many times have you actually taken a bath in the past year? If you can count your answer on one hand, then it would probably be better to put your money toward upgrading the shower.

There are a plethora of luxurious shower features you can choose from now, including showerheads with multiple spray settings, steam options, and showers big enough to fit your entire family in, though all that space can be just for you.

Don’t just remodel for how you live your life today

You may not have any health or mobility issues now. However, the future isn’t certain and as you grow older, you may realize the bathroom you once loved isn’t as accessible as you thought. 

Think of your bathroom as a place for universal accessibility. Consider a larger shower stall that provides easier use. You can also add a seating option now or in the future. A bench in your shower can be used presently as a place for people to sit down and shave their legs. Even if you don’t include universal design elements to your bathroom now, it’s best to leave space to install them for future purposes.

Do prioritize vanity space

Your bathroom vanity is likely where you get ready for the day and where a lot of your grooming takes place, so you need space to set things down. Dual bathroom sinks may draw you in, but it provides you with less counter space and raises your water costs. Think about the functionality and what would work best for you and your family.

Don’t underestimate skilled labor

Youtube and TikTok are filled with DIY home renovation ideas and how-tos. While they may provide great inspiration, the difference between a skilled tile layer and a first-timer is easy to spot. You may be familiar with the woman who went viral on Tiktok for destroying her bathroom counters and floors trying to follow DIY bathroom renovation advice.

Not only can you potentially damage the aesthetic of your bathroom, but you run the risk of damaging the power and water lines in your bathroom. A skilled home renovator is cheaper and faster than a destructive DIY mistake.

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