Dos and don’ts for remodeling your Jacksonville kitchen

So you’re finally ready to start remodeling your home kitchen. This may have been the moment you’ve been waiting for since moving into your home, or you’re ready for your kitchen to grow along with the needs of your family.

Either way, while the process is exciting and you may have your Pinterest boards ready, it’s essential to consider the dos and don’ts before you start remodeling your dream kitchen.

Do take your time finding the right remodeler.

When considering the right Northeast Florida kitchen remodeler, it’s important to find someone who you connect with and can deliver on your vision. A kitchen remodeling partner shouldn’t just be an order taker; they should be someone who will give you honest feedback on your design plans and capabilities within your budget. They should know their way around building codes and work to give you the best design without going over budget.

Don’t do it yourself.

You may have the capabilities to remodel your bedroom, living room, or dining room space, but kitchen and bathroom remodels are a whole different beast. You must consider plumbing, electrical, storage, and maximizing the space you have. Hiring an experienced professional remodeler can take away the worries of logistical errors and deliver your dream kitchen without worrying about messing up and potentially spending thousands of dollars more to correct an error.

Do consider the resale value.

The Northeast Florida real estate market is the hottest it’s ever been, according to the Florida Times-Union. The median sale price for a home has increased more than 8% year over year in Jacksonville. While the market is hot for sellers and you consider selling your home soon, it’s important to consider how redesign elements will affect your home’s resale value. Take time to consider what someone else might like about your updated kitchen. You don’t want someone to pass because you have elements that are too quirky.

Don’t rush through planning and design.

We know you’ve probably been planning your kitchen remodel for a while and you’re ready to get started on construction, but the planning and design process is the most important part and can be the most time-consuming for good reason. Once you start construction, there’s no turning back without costing you extra money and time. So be patient and work with your kitchen remodeler on a sound and functional design.

Do consider your budget.

Talking budget with your home remodeler isn’t the time to turn shy. It’s the most important part of the project. Be candid about your budget to aid your design team in finding you the best value for your dream kitchen’s design elements. Establishing a budget early will help your team get a head start on the process.

Don’t blow your budget on one item.

We know it’s tempting to dedicate most of your budget to that one item or appliance you’ve had your eye on, but is there a similar, cheaper option? Blowing half your budget on one item may feel right in the moment, but what about when you don’t have enough money to change out the cabinets or upgrade the lighting? It’s ok to splurge on certain items, but always remember there are more affordable and just as functional options out there.

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