Hot Jacksonville bathroom remodel trends

Remodeling or installing a new bathroom in your Jacksonville home has been a hot commodity with the competitive real estate market and people moving into their new homes.

We’ve compiled a list of the hottest bathroom remodeling trends we’re seeing from our Jacksonville clients so you can get inspired for your next bathroom remodel project.

Free-standing tubs

Free-standing tubs have been around for about 150-years and have seen their ups and downs of trendiness. Their staying power highlights how popular they actually are and can give your bathroom a feeling of luxury.

Free-standing tubs can fit into any homestyle from farmhouse to minimalist. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our clients are valuing their inside spaces more to entertain themselves. And taking a hot bath in a luxury tub is a great way to relax and pamper yourself.

Lots of light

The possibilities of light fixtures in your bathroom are endless and more people are making the lighting a focal point in their bathrooms. From soft ambient lighting that sets the mood for a relaxing bath or shower to light that brightens up the whole room so you can get ready in front our your vanity. 

Choose a light fixture that complements your aesthetic while staying functional.

Smart appliances 

Smart appliances aren’t limited to your kitchen. Homeowners are looking for a bathroom sanctuary that caters to their every need. This includes digital temperature and pressure-controlled showers, some even allowing for voice commands. 

Smart toilets are also on the rise, not only offering heated seats and open and close sensors, but some can even self-clean! That’s one more cleaning task that can be taken off your list thanks to technology.


Tile is the most common flooring type for bathrooms for easy cleanup and is extremely customizable for all Jacksonville homeowners. Most clients are moving away from larger tiles and work with smaller tiles to fit their ideal bathroom design.

However, there’s also a rise in vinyl flooring in the bathroom. It mimics the look of wood flooring, but it’s better equipped to handle the moist environment of the bathroom. 

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