What are the best flooring options to use in your Jacksonville bathroom?

Florida is the sunshine state, but it’s also one of the most humid states in the United States. When remodeling and installing new flooring in your bathroom, you need to account for the additional moisture that’s naturally present.

Here are the best floor materials you should use in your bathroom remodel.


Porcelain tiles are a classic bathroom flooring material. The tiles are resistant to wear and tear, naturally repel moisture, and will not get damaged even if moisture is left for many days.

You may think porcelain tiles only come in standard white, but tiles are able to mimic natural stone and come in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Not only is it pretty and resistant to damage, but it’s easy to clean! Wipe up liquid and regularly vacuum and mop to keep it sparkling. The only downside to porcelain is that it can crack when heavy objects are dropped on it. Just remember to keep all bowling balls away from the bathroom.

Luxury vinyl tile or plank

Vinyl is also a great option for humid Jacksonville homes. Newer vinyl flooring is durable and resistant to moisture. An added perk is that it’s easy to clean and maintain its appearance. 

However, to prolong its lifespan, it’s best to wipe up and moisture immediately. It may be difficult to remove down the line if you decide to remodel again and it can’t be repaired in pieces. But if you’re looking for flooring that can resist humidity and is aesthetically pleasing, luxury vinyl is a great choice.

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