What are the best kitchen countertop materials for Jacksonville homes?

Kitchen countertops withstand spills, messes, heat, and other potential stains. You need a countertop that is ideal for your lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget. We’ve put together a list of the top three recommended countertops for your Jacksonville kitchen.

Quartz countertops

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth, so it’s naturally one of the most durable materials for your kitchen countertops. They can come in a variety of colors and patterns and are engineered in a factory rather than mined.

The resin in quartz countertops makes it scratch and stain-resistant as well as non-porous so they never need to be sealed.

Quartz used to only be available in a polished finished, but now manufacturers offer honed, sandblasted, or embossed treatments. So if a polished shiny countertop doesn’t fit into the vision of your kitchen remodel, matte looks are an option with quartz. 

Granite countertops

Granite is also a great choice for your countertops if you value durability. Very few minerals can scratch it. You can cut on granite countertops, but it’s not recommended because it could dull your knives.

Granite is also heat resistant. It will not melt or blister under a hot pot. Hot pans and pots can be placed directly on the countertop without any harm being done.

A con to granite countertops is the need for sealing. If you spill liquid on granite, it will soak into the countertops, however, it will eventually evaporate. 

Soapstone, limestone, and marble countertops

Soapstone isn’t as common as granite, and it’s also heat resistant. There are potential for small scratches, but it can be fixed by sanding it down.

Limestone and marble are classic countertop materials that are both heat resistant. Limestone is available in natural colors while marble comes in a much wider variety of colors. While marble can be a little bit more durable than limestone, they’re both susceptible to knicks and scratches.

When choosing your kitchen countertops, you may want to focus on aesthetics first, but think of your kitchen and the regular spills and messes your countertops endure. If you want to explore a Jacksonville kitchen remodel, call American Home Remodel & Restoration at 904-646-6476.